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Luxe Bohemian Jewelry

Rachel Renee Jewelry offers dainty jewelry with bold style. Forged by hand, heart and fire, the luxe bohemian designs feature recycled fine metals and natural gemstones. The collection infuses organic forms and silhouettes with industrial stylings that create intentional pieces to be worn by those ready to make their mark.

Meet the Artist
Hi, I’m Rachel, the woman behind Rachel Renee Jewelry! I live in Chicago with my husband, kid, and a bunch of four-legged friends. Since I was young, designing jewelry has been my creative outlet, and that passion was reinvigorated during the pandemic. My art is very process driven - I fully embrace that adding a texture with my tools or hammer will forever leave an impression on metal, just as I hope wearing my jewelry will leave an impression on those who wear it everyday. Each completed piece is a wearable representation of how raw materials have transformed and evolved, but remain true to their nature. I intentionally leave my pieces rustic and partially unpolished; I do this because imperfections are what make us unique and special, and in a world of highly polished people and personas, I want to celebrate the qualities that make us real, that make us, us.  I believe an artist imparts a bit of themselves into their work, and the intention behind my jewelry is to leave behind something tangible in this world that personally resonates with someone, highlights their true natural beauty, and enhances their confidence to make their own mark.


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Rachel Renee
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