Art Market

An Art Fair Journey

 A visual documentary of one socially awkward jewelry artist's journey navigating the world of Chicago art fairs.

It's me. I'm the socially awkward jewelry artist. (so...that was probably implied but it wouldn't be an accurate interaction with me without some well-intentioned, albeit awkward, redundancy.) Hi, I'm Rachel. I named my jewelry business after my name and what I make, and my eyes are closed in nearly all the pictures I take.


The truth is I have loved getting to meet so many people over the past year! Has it been a challenge? Oh, absolutely. Crowds are terrifying. But as it turns out, art fairs in Chicago seem to attract the absolute nicest and most genuine human beings I've met. I have made so many awesome connections with people about everything from jewelry to favorite coffee spots around the city. Each show gives me a little more confidence I need to keep moving forward. 


Here are some shots of previous art fairs we've participated in this past year. If we've met at a show, be sure to shoot me a message to say hi and show off a photo of you wearing your favorite Rachel Renee jewelry pieces. Thanks again for stopping by and if you want to check us out in person again, here's a list of some upcoming events:

xo Rachel

Untapped Talent Chicago 

Friday, Aug. 26th 7-11pm

Artifact Events, 4325 N Ravenswood Ave

West Town Art Fest

Sat Sept. 3rd & Sun Sept. 4th   10am-7pm

Fulton & Peoria

Chicago Artisan Market 

Sun Oct. 16th  10am-4pm

Fulton Market @ Morgan MFG

Chicago Artisan Market @ Fulton Market
Southport Art Fest 2022
Art Nouveau Mirror
Chicago Artisan Market @ Artifact Events
Raw Edge Artist Feature
Holiday Packaging
Raw Edge
chicago artisan market
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