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Luxe Bohemian Jewelry

Rachel Renee Jewelry is a collection of Luxe Bohemian designs, delicately forged with semiprecious gemstones and textured metals. Her work infuses organic and industrial stylings of art nouveau with nature's timeless silhouettes to create a lightweight and effortless collection for the woman ready to make her mark.

Meet the Artist
Hi, I’m Rachel, the woman behind Rachel Renee Jewelry! I live in Chicago with my husband, kid, and a bunch of four-legged friends. Since I was a kid, designing jewelry has been my creative outlet, but my passion transformed into a business during the pandemic. Each piece is inspired by those who keep me going. I believe an artist imparts a bit of themselves into their work - along with my own fire, I impart the radiance and authenticity of the women I find so inspiring. The intention behind my jewelry is to create something that personally resonates with someone, highlights their natural beauty, and enhances her confidence to make her own mark.