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Luxe Bohemian Jewelry

Rachel Renee Jewelry is a collection of Luxe Bohemian designs, delicately hand-forged with semi-precious gemstones and textured metals.  Chicago-native, Rachel Erceg, infuses the organic stylings of art nouveau with nature's timeless silhouettes to create a  lightweight and effortless not-so-basic everyday collection for the nouveau bohemian individual.  

Each piece is hand shaped from sterling silver or gold filled wire, then textured with a hammer to enhance the metal's unique characteristics.  A tribute to the beautiful and strong people in her life, every design is inspired by the many muses that have positively impacted the artist.  With each intentional strike from her hammer, a bit of this positivity is imparted into the pieces she creates.  We have a tremendous human responsibility to leave a positive mark on people's lives, not scars.  Every interaction leaves an impression and helps shape who we are. 

Rachel Renee creates wearable art for the woman ready to live her authentic life and make her mark on the world.



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Rachel Renee